Subject Re: [IBO] Builder C++ XE install
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
> Since Delphi AND C++ are now just handled in the same IDE I've not wiped
> everything and started again yet. DelphiXE just built and loaded, and C++ used
> the D2011_CDT library happily, but without the EDT functions. This is a major
> complaint about the way Embarcardeo have done things since we can't now simply
> switch between Delphi and C++ projects! This may be causing my problem as I did
> have D2011_xx running first.

OK I've made a little progress ...
This IDE hasn't improved at all!!
I think I've sorted the main problem - our old problem with Borland - duplicate
copies of things not were they should be ...

I've wiped every _CXE file, and started from a clean extract of the .zipfile +
my _CXE project files, and I've got the color stuff on ib_session, and the
ib_connection opens and works - except that ib_grid still has a problem with the
colors. If I load an ib_grid I'm getting numeric values for the colors.
Same on some of the other controls ... NOW I just need to work out why :(

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