Subject Migrating to Firebird - how about Unicode?
Author Jacob Havkrog
Hi - I'm migrating a Delphi 2007 application from Paradox/BDE to Firebird/IBO.

My thinking is that it's better to migrate away from Paradox to Firebird >before< migrating to Delphi XE and Unicode.

My applications don't need special character processing, so I don't need the Unicode as such.

I assume that I would have a lot of problems getting the Paradox/BDE to function in Delphi XE with all the necessary conversions of character/string handling code. If I would choose to go to Delphi XE before migrating databases.

Any comments?

Right now I'm preparing the scripts for creating the Firebird database. Is there anything I should think about now in relation to future unicode string handling?

E.g. when I create a field like


Will I be able to store a 15 character Unicode string here after I have compiled my application with Delphi XE?

Any other considerations/preparations I could do now?


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