Subject Re: [IBO] Sorting in a grid
Author Marcin Bury

W dniu 12.07.2011 09:12, Svein Erling Tysvær pisze:
> I use TIB_Grid.OnGetDisplayText to modify the text shown in some fields. When trying to sort, the underlying values of the field are used rather than the value I display and the sorting appears random to the user. How do I sort on the value I display rather than the value that is stored in the table?
> I think I'm asking more out of curiosity than necessity, in this particular case using a filter might be a good alternative to sorting, and that I can do easily.
> Set

As far as I know the sorting is done via underlying IB_Query or similar
IB_Dataset - IB_Grid is only used for displaying fields values. You
might try declaring some calculated column and then add it to
I don't know how it will work but...