Subject RE: [IBO] No components appearing after install
Author Support List

> I've just downloaded the latest evaluation package and
> tried to install it under Windows 7 for Delphi 10 and Delphi XE (both full
> pro versions, not trial versions).
> Everything installs OK but no components appear on the palette.
> I get the message saying "Files will now be compiled and installed into
> the IDE's selected." but as soon as I click OK I get the installation
> finished message - no compiling seems to happen.
> I've tried installing it as an Administrator and that doesn't make any
> difference.
> In the c:\IBO4 folder, the Logs, D2010 and D2011 folders are empty so
> there is no log to see what went wrong.
> Unfortunately, as this is the evaluation version, I can't just compile the
> packages myself to install it by hand.
> I see someone else in the thread entitled "Installing 4.9.14, but not
> compiling D7" is having similar issues under Delphi 7.
> Is the current install package broken in some way?
> Is there an older install package that works available for download
> somewhere or can I get the full source version ASAP?
> Thanks?

Sorry about this, I finally got it fixed now.

Jason LeRoy Wharton