Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with latest IBO version and TIBOQuery
Author Daniel Rail
Hi Jason,

At May-20-11, 6:57 PM, Support List wrote:

>> Most of the CHAR fields are UNICODE_FSS, but RDB$PRIVILEGE has a
>> charset of NONE.
>> I connect using a charset of ISO8859_1(which is the default
>> charset for the database).
>> When using TIB_Query, the value of RDB$PRIVILEGE is properly
>> retrieved. But, with TIBOQuery, the value is empty. And, I need to
>> use TIBOQuery, since it is used by another component(DB Comparer
>> version 3.2, from Clever Components).
>> Any ideas would be appreciated

> My idea is that there is a bug.

> Will you please post a sample application at my bug tracking site?


With regards to issue #33. I've tried to latest beta and everything
works. Thank you for your hard work.

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