Subject Re: [IBO] Been dragged kicking ....
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
>> SessionProps has EditingColor
> OK - working through the help files I find 'TColorProperty' is the component
> that supplies the color editing functions, but I can't find that in the IBO
> source code?

OK - been putting the boot in back ...
I've got XE configured and working with JCL, JVCL and ICS and have set them up
to the same layout format, using the original 'Projects' directory in the
program directory tree.
I've moved IBO4 to the same location, and it is compiling, but at present it is
not liking colors at all and while the form color selections have the color name
list, none of the IBO color entries do.
I'll get a few more of my own extensions moved over next as I'm still learning
the differences in the way things are done, THEN perhaps I can go back and see
what they have changed on the color elements between the previous builds and XE?
I'm not seeing the colors if I switch over to Delphi either.

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