Subject RES: [IBO] Differences between IBO 4.9.x and IBO 5.x (future roadmap)
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I think your decision pretty good!

In my opinion Delphi before 2009 version became part of an old way to
produce software.

D2009 and above has a powerfull support to introspection and generics. If
today IBO is this great framework - I can't imagine what you could produce
with those resources.

Maybe, who knows, (LOL) we can have a really good ORM on Delphi like
Hibernate is for java and NHibernate is for C#.

Have you ever think about it?!

I do not know if I can give you this idea, but since you are radically
changing the organization of your work, I suggest you utilize more
namespaces, try to work with one class per unit and use test driven
development (TDD).

Two books that changed my way of working were: Beck Kenth of TDD and Clean
Code of Uncle Bob.

Congratulation for your decision and for the excellent job that you do.

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> Perfectly!
> I'm having some troubles to use IBO 4.9.13 on Delphi XE. Now I'm using
> 4.9.12.
> When I solve them I'll port to 5.x.

Carlos is correct that I am automatically back porting all bug fixes in the
IBO 5.x development to the IBO 4.9.13 version. This will continue up to the
point that I get IBO in an overall stable condition working with the Delphi
2009+ string type. I want to be assured the migration path between 4.x and
5.x will be a smooth transition.

Once I get to this point, I will make an official production release for IBO
4.9.14 and from that point forward I will no longer automatically back port
my efforts that are going into IBO 5.x. I will only back port fixes by

Also, FYI:

IBO 4.9.14 will officially support D7 to D2007
(even though it also works on D2009 - XE)
(timeframe: days to weeks from now)

IBO 5.0.2 will officially support D2009+.
(even though it also works on D7 - D2007)
{timeframe: few weeks from now)

IBO 5.1.x will introduce official support for Lazarus/FPC.
{timeframe: few months from now}

IBO 6.x will introduce all new features of significant import.
{timeframe: when Lazarus port is finished)

Areas of interest for the 6.x release will be:
* Significant reworking of code to take advantage of new compiler
capabilities. (e.g. making data aware controls via interfaces, dynamic
arrays for internal memory structures, type interfaces for structured
property lists instead of string lists all over the place. etc.)
* Take a hard look at reengineering things for increased performance.
* Moving towards a driver layer so that divergence between IB and Firebird
can be dealt with better.
* More work on productivity items such as bi-directional replication,
enhanced full text searching, introduction of a versioned document
management engine, and whatever else captures my attention.
* Likely I will develop some more resources having to do with
multi-threading, services, servers, etc.
* Improved capability to deal with disconnected state and to handle failed

Also, anyone purchasing a license to IBO 4.9.x will be automatically
eligible to apply it towards an IBO 5.x license. So, there is no need to
delay making a license purchase.

Hope this helps those trying to figure out how to plan things.

Jason LeRoy Wharton

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