Subject RE: [IBO] Explicit join doesn´t work with IB Query
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Hi Helen,
> I changed my code... but the problem keep... perhaps i will back to "implicit join", with "explicit join"
> is necessary make a "refresh" and is not a good visual effect to user...

Don't return to your implicit join, did you read this part of Helen's reply?

>> Also, with a left join, you should be careful with your KeyLinks as you will potentially have NULLs in
>> columns retrieved from CATEGORIAS. This is *not* a naturally updatable set and bad KeyLinks would cause the
>> problem that you described.

Your solution may be a simple as setting your KeyRelation to PROCEDIMENTOS.

I assume your TIB_GRID and TIB_Edit access the same TIB_Query.