Subject RE: [IBO] IBO 4.9.13 Beta 23 released
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> In fact, we are hopeful others will get involved. I will help as best I
> can to get people up and running with the latest of all these tools.

There are actually a good number of people who already are involved and who
are helping tremendously. Too many to list, but know that you all are
greatly appreciated. I'm sure all of them would be as gratified as I am to
see the momentum continue to increase.

I only have a few more details to work out with regard to proper UTF8
character set support (2-byte code-points only) in Delphi 2009+. I am very
close to making an official release of both IBO 4.9.14 and IBO 5.0.2.

Kind regards,
Jason LeRoy Wharton