Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 19 released and XE2 64-bit progress report.
Author Support List

I have just made another general release of IB Objects to all download
areas. For the most part I have made substantial changes in order to
accommodate 64-bit support.

I also put out a new beta for IBO 5.0.2 that can be used to test the 64bit
support for Delphi XE2. I have compiled and ran IB_SQL in 64-bit and so far
it looks very good. But, I have not yet performed exhaustive testing so I
look forward to as much testing as possible. Please send me a private email
requesting access to the IBO 5.x beta so you can have a look. I don't have
an automatic installer for this version yet but it is on my list of
important tasks to accomplish.