Subject Re: [IBO] Get Users
Author Geoff Worboys
Alan wrote:
> Line 15208 of IB_Components (4.9.9) has this

> FUsers.Add( Copy( AnsiString( PByte( @Results[ItemPtr+1] )),
> 1,
> byte( Results[ItemPtr])));

> but it returns gibberish.
> Anyone know what this SHOULD be for D2010/Unicode environment?

This is the "fix" in 4.9.10

FUsers.Add( Copy( StrPas( PAnsiChar( @Results[ItemPtr+1] )),
byte( Results[ItemPtr])));

(which is very different to saying it is what it "SHOULD" be for
unicode, but that's a different argument.)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing