Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Grid multi-select behaviour
Author Jason Wharton

> I would like to think that calling
> procedure TIB_BDataset.SelectAll( State: boolean );
> with false for the argument will deselect all selected records.
> like so;
> myIBOQuery.SelectAll(false);
> I also believe that this could be done in some scroll event. I vaguely
> remember that the TIB_Grid scrolls the dataset when rows are clicked w/o
> Ctrl or Shift.
> Take care if you implement multiselect in a child (detail). Even though
> the master has scrolled, the records selected for a different master will
> remain selected (IMO a very neat thing if handled with some care - the
> user will not be able to see the selected records for the non current
> master so one must implement some other means of indication, perhaps
> outside the grid). I think you should be able to find an event (either at
> the master or the detail) to call SelectAll(false) when the master scrolls
> as well.

This is all feasible with IBO.

One questions first. Are you saying that Calling SelectAll( false ) is not

Jason Wharton