Subject TIB_DataPump with Master/Detail data?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

I'm using TIB_Datapump for transferring data from a source into a
destination database. Involved are two tables as master/detail.
Currently I'm doing the following:

1) Starting a transaction with tiConcurrency
2) Transferring data from the master table
3) Transferring data from the detail table (due to tiConcurrency, detail
data is related to data in the master table)
4) Deleting data in source database from both tables
5) Commit distributed transaction

So, the entire set of data is processed in a single transaction. Now I
want to have support for a commit interval to transfer data in smaller
chunks. Obviously, the process above won't work anymore, but I do need
something like that:

1) Start transaction with tiConcurrency
2) Transfer 1 record from the master table
3) Transfer detail record(s) for the master record
4) Delete data in source database
5) Commit in respect to the commit interval
6) Start at 1)

I wonder, is there an obvious way to transfer data with TIB_DataPump for
the second scenario?


Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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