Subject Re: [IBO] Test suite?
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi again Jason and others,

I had previously said:
> I've spent my spare time over the last two weeks or so working
> on building a unicode version of IBObjects v4.8.7 (also
> integrating fixes from the 4.9.9 version, also integrating my
> own column attributes optimisation that we discussed a year or
> two ago, also removing any attempt to support any versions of
> Delphi prior to v6... and may cut more). Calling it v4.10.

> I consider the work experimental... wanted to see how long it
> would take to make a significant dent in the problem given my
> experience converting the (non-IBO-aware part of the) Enh
> components to unicode in the weeks previous.

This work was going on based on the assumption that one of my
main clients would be prepared to assist (financially) with the
work required to migrate their application (to Delphi 2010 and
FB v2.5 and Windows 7 etc etc).

It seems that that assumption was misplaced and my work on this
stuff has had to stop. Not sure if this is a prelude to losing
the client or not... time will tell.

For the moment I thought I should mention it here, just in case
anyone was waiting impatiently for some progress on this front.
It now seems unlikely to happen.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing