Subject Reduce traffic over network
Author Adrian Wreyford
Hi, I know a lot has been said, but some pointers will be appreciated:

I use a Firebird server in my bussiness.
We have 12000 client records. These records contain the usual postal data, but also medical records, billing records, currently no images.

I access the data using clients over a network.
I developed frontend With D2010, and use IB_Queries to display the data and a navbar and update bar for browsing and editing the records.

When the apllication is opened all is fine. Going to the last record, the Query posts a message that it is busy "Fetching Query Results : Row #NNNN",
and all the Client records are iterated over the network, or at least it appears so, and eventually the last record displays.

Can I somehow force this to happen on the server, and then for the server to only supply the record we are interested over the network

The Client Query:
RequestLive := True;
AutoFetchAll := False;
RefreshAction:= raKeepRowNum

When I edit this last record, then Post the changes I get the same message: Fetching Query Results : Row #NNNN and the NNNN increments until the current record.
This takes quite a while over the network.

I'ts not entirely so simple as there are many nested queries, to supply linked data.
Perhaps I'm missing out on basics here!



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