Subject "Access Violation" on IB_CONNECTION1.Open
Author hamacker
Hi, everybody.

I am in trouble because my application stop in this line :


with error message "Access Violation".

I debug with step and go, and several loops in above line, but only
12o times stop.

function TIB_Connection.GetProtocol: TIB_Protocol;
ProtocolString: string;
ProtocolString := Uppercase( Params.Values[ IBO_PROTOCOL ] ); <---
Stop Here after some loops !
if ProtocolString = IBO_PROTOCOL_NETBEUI then Result := cpNetBEUI else
if ProtocolString = IBO_PROTOCOL_TCP_IP then Result := cpTCP_IP else
if ProtocolString = IBO_PROTOCOL_NOVELL then Result := cpNovell else
Result := cpLocal;

I use IBO 4.8.7 and Delphi7 using TCP/IP protocol, loopback
to deploy, but using cpLocal is the same error.

Any help will be welcome.