Subject Re: [IBO] CachedUpdates and Refresh
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:53 AM 18/11/2010, you wrote:
>Hello there!
>I have another question today.
>In my TIB_Query I have this SQLWhere statement: WHERE status = '0'.
>In response to some user action my program set the value of status to
>'1' and execute Refresh method in TIB_Query.
>So, I hope that the record with status = '1' disappears of my dataset,
>but this doesn't happens. The record still there, even after I refresh
>the dataset.
>I imagine that it happens because I use CachedUpdates = TRUE in TIB_Query.

I imagine that it happens because whatever you are doing to commit the transaction does not in fact commit the transaction and you are simply continuing to see the uncommitted contents of the cache. It would make sense to show the code steps that you are doing.