Subject Re: [IBO] Full Text Search implementation
Author Jason Wharton

> The resyncqueue method never finished. Over 24 hours and still processing.
> I had to stop it.
> I think I need to be clearer here as to how I use IBOObjects:
> For all User Interface tasks I use DBExpress. Therefore all my tables are
> inserted into using DBExpress and no IBObjects component is instantiated.
> I Use IBObjects for:
> 1. IBOAdmin components (backup/restore)
> 2. UDF library.
> 3. Full Text Search instantiating and searching.
> It is my understanding now that in order to use Full Text Search, any time
> my source description tables are updated I need to have an active
> IBOConnection open maybe in some type of service, in order for the system
> to "hear" the events posted on after insert/update of these description
> tables. Is this true?

Yes, I highly recommend a service application with a TIB_FTS_Sync component
using an open connection to listen for events. If you do this then as soon
as your transactions are committed it will respond to event alerters and
bring the search engine up to where it should be.

I was wondering if you needed it to work such that full text searching
worked inside of the transaction context prior to calling commit. If that is
the case then I have more work to do to get it to work that way.

> Kind Regards,
> Robert.

Thanks and sorry for not getting a faster answer to you.

Jason Wharton

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