Subject Re: [IBO] Schema Cache
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:45 PM 10/09/2009, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Am having a similar issue that was posted to the group - no matter what I set the SchemaCacheDir to (eg: c:\temp) it does not create the folder (in fact if I put a breakpoint on the 'forcedirectories' it never gets there at all.
>One member did report that this was sorted out, but no solution was given - so I would really appreciate any assistance here.

AFAIK, setting SchemaCacheDir *never* created a folder. The idea is that you create the folder where your client user wants it to be. If you want to deploy your app with it in a hard-coded location then part of that deployment will need to involve getting the user (or your installation program) to create it.

Actually, as a side note, setting it to sthg like "c:\temp" is probably not an optimal idea. Better to determine a dedicated location where your app isn't likely to find other apps' temp files roosting.