Subject Error: "Could not connect to the database software. Please check..."
Author eddressel
I am a bit pressed and perplexed by this:

I have a new Vista machine in house that when we installed our software, it cannot connect to the database.

I am using FB 1.5 embedded.

The following exception is raised:

<error message>
Database Unavailable
Could not connect to the database software. Please check that it is installed and configured correctly.

(Exception: ISC ERROR CODE:335544375

ISC ERROR MESSAGE: unavailable database
</error message>

The problem is, everything is there. We have been installing on Vista for a long time, without any problems.

The machine was rebooted. I checked the rights to the database directory. Using CodeSite, I looked at the TIBODatabase object properties and it checks out fine. I checked that I can access the datebase file trying to run it (i.e. putting '"c:\ProgramData\....\DBFileNae.fdb"' in the search tool and hitting enter--finds the file just fine).

The gds32.dll is put in the EXE directory like it always has been.

Any ideas on what I should look for?

Thank you,

Ed Dressel