Subject TIB_Script
Author Andrei Luís

I'm trying to use TIB_Script, to run sql statements when my application

The idea is to check the exist of a txt file (that contains one or more sql
statements), load it in tib_script.sql and run it. OK, that is running well.

Now, I want to implement a log for these sql statements executions. As I can
see, AfterExecute is called after the whole script is executed. OnStatement
is called before the execution, here I can acess CurrentSQL, and see what
statement will be executed, but I don't know if it's well executed. OnError
is triggered when the statement execution returns an error, but how can I
know that the statement has no errors?


Win XP Pro + Delphi 2006 Pro + FB 2.1.2 + IBO 4.8.7

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