Subject 'Record Not Found' - The Fix - WAS: Re: [IBO] Problems in TIB_BlobStream with the last Beta
Author m. Th.
m. Th. wrote:
> 3. A bunch of 'Record not found' exceptions (stack trace & code bellow)
> but the program seems to work ok because AFAIS these are located
> immediately after opening/refreshing the dataset so, anyway, the cursor
> is at the beginning. But anyway imho this shows a weak point in our
> bookmark engine.
Change in IBODataSet.Pas, in TIBODataSet.InternalGotoBookmark the BS's
declaration from String to AnsiString:

procedure TIBODataset.InternalGotoBookmark( ABookmark: Pointer );
BS: AnsiString; //mTh +
// BS: String //mTh -

function LookAround( Forwards: boolean; WindowSize: integer ): boolean;
.... //etc.


m. Th.