Subject Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script
Author Jason Wharton
IB_Script is not that advanced to have local variables and query processing.
This should be done in a program.

It simply allows for you to put multiple statements in it separated by the
termination character (semicolon by default) and executes them.

You can also have a CONNECT xxxx, CREATE xxxx, DISCONNECT, DROP, COMMIT,
ROLLBACK, etc. statements.

Hope this helps,
Jason Wharton

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Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script

> Hi Al
> you can write an "execute" statement, in wich you check the version
> number and, if is not ok, you execute same SQL statements.
> The last statement update your version number.
> IB_Script can manage this complex statements, with local variables and
> IF statements.
> Bye
> Sergio
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> Hi Sergio,
> What you asked for me do, I did and it`s ok, but is there any problem if
> I put my SQL inside of component ? The unique problem is that always
> user open the system, that the IB_Script will execute the SQL, and
> if script from sql alread was executed, in that case, I don`t show any
> message for user ...
>> Do you have any other idea better ?
>> I created a table with a field versao, where I put the last version of
>> my system, I would like to put inside of IB_Script the version
>> together my SQL and when IB_Script executes, it will check if version
>> is different than my field from table Version, if it is, Script executes.
>> What do you suggest ?
>> Thanks for information