Subject Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script
Author Alander Gimenez
Thanks Sergio,
But do you have one exemple of this ?

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Assunto: Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script
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Hi Al
you can write an "execute" statement, in wich you check the version
number and, if is not ok, you execute same SQL statements.
The last statement update your version number.
IB_Script can manage this complex statements, with local variables and
IF statements.



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Hi Sergio,
What you asked for me do, I did and it`s ok, but is there any problem if
I put my SQL inside of component ? The unique problem is that always
user open the system, that the IB_Script will execute the SQL, and
if script from sql alread was executed, in that case, I don`t show any
message for user ...
> Do you have any other idea better ?
> I created a table with a field versao, where I put the last version of
> my system, I would like to put inside of IB_Script the version
> together my SQL and when IB_Script executes, it will check if version
> is different than my field from table Version, if it is, Script executes.
> What do you suggest ?
> Thanks for information

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