Subject Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script
Author Alander Gimenez
Hi Sergio,
What you asked for me do, I did and it`s ok, but is there any problem if I put my SQL inside of component ? The unique problem is that always user open the system, that the IB_Script will execute the SQL, and if script from sql alread was executed, in that case, I don`t show any message for user ...
Do you have any other idea better ?
I created a table with a field versao, where I put the last version of my system, I would like to put inside of  IB_Script the version together my SQL and when IB_Script executes, it will check if version is different than my field from table Version, if it is, Script executes.
What do you suggest ?
Thanks for information 

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Assunto: Re: [IBO] help me with IB_Script
Data: Quinta-feira, 25 de Junho de 2009, 15:22

Hi, Al

Put a IB_Script component in the form, and set the IB_Connection and
IB_Transaction properties.

In the code:

IB_Script.SQL. Clear; // if needed
IB_Script.SQL. Add( <Here, a SQL statement1>) ; // or
IB_Script.SQL. Text := <Here, a SQL statement>;
IB_Script.SQL. Add( <Here, a SQL statement2>) ;
IB_Script.IB_ Transaction. Commit;
IB_Script.IB_ Transaction. Rollback;


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