Subject Problem with TIB_Lookupcombo and null rows
Author Andrei Luís

I'm using IBO 4.8.7 on Delphi 2006 Win32.

This week I finnaly moved to FB 2.1.2, I was working with FB 1.5.5.

What I did to my base:
- with FB 1.5: extract DDL metadata, and change some collates from
- with FB 2.1: create the new FDB file and pump data from the FB 1.5 FDB
file using IBDatapump

After that, I experienced some search problem using TIB_Lookupcombo,
consider the above fields:

NAME varchar(50) collate WIN_PTBR (with FB 1.5 the collate was
CONTACT varchar(30) collate WIN1252 (same collate on FB 1.5)

Well, nothing was changed in Delphi Project, so, TIB_Query and
TIB_Lookupcombo properties are OK.

After some tests, I realized that the problem is on NULL values at the
searched fields. If I have two or more lines with NULL values in the
searched field, the search don't work. I can click on TIB_Lookupcombo and
navigate on data, it's all there, but if I type something on keyboard,
nothing happens.
I run 'DELETE FROM MYTABLE WHERE NAME IS NULL', and the search is working
again. I inserted one field with null value and search is ok, but if I
insert one more null value the search is gone again. I got the same behavior
independent the collate. But If I use the original FB 1.5 base, running on
FB 2.1 server, the nulls rows don't affect the search.

What can I do? I can delete the rows that have null in name collumn, but I
can't delete the rows that have null in collumn contact. And I'd like to
maintain the collate WIN_PTBR for ordering purposes.

Is there any other sollution to this issue?


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