Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBOAdmin components for Delphi 2009?
Author Andreas Hesse
Jason Wharton schrieb:
> Sean,
>> Shouldn't the IBObjects and IBOAdmin components be kept in sync,
>> so if Jason releases v4.9.x for D2009 then there should be a 4.9.x
>> compatible version of IBOAdmin for D2009?

If the 4.9.x version will be the future version of IBO for D5-D2007, I
will take care to make IBO Admin compatible to 4.9.x or will send
Jason the changes needed for IB_Header.pas to make it compatible.

> I have not officially adopted the IBO Admin components. If its author would
> like me to adopt them then I would be more than willing to do so. Then, I
> would be the one maintaining it for future versions, etc.

Ibo Admin can now be checked out from the sourceforge repository.
It is now compatible to 4.8.7 (the latest stable version of IBO) and
have some bugs fixed, mostly memleaks.

Jason, you can already work on it, if you want (as a project admin in
this sourceforge project).

Please don't forget dependencies on other third party libs like
FastReport while changing the codebase.