Subject Re: [IBO] Fast Text Search
Author Jason Wharton

> How is Fast Text Search going?

Works great!

> Have you improved it?

Yes. I added the ability to do two more search types since my last 4.8


I also made LIKE searches the default search type if another type was not
selected. Thus, it is possible to have a search request that includes % and
_ like this:

test% fo_ bugs

Thus, it will find text like this:

test foo bugs
test for bugs
testing for bugs
testing foo bugs

This wasn't a simple addition as you might think. IBO FTS maintains rather
involved optimization tables that are queried at the time the search query
is being forumulated. It takes each word and performs analysis of that
word's statistics and determines where it is to be placed in the search
request SQL.

Anyway, hope this answers your question.

Jason Wharton