Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBOAdmin components for Delphi 2009?
Author Jason Wharton

> Verson 4.9.x is not a real D2009 version, only more or less an ansified
> 4.8.x version.

Yes, that is true. I touched on this before.

However, there are some additional bug fixes and features that have been
added. The release notes will have details on that.

IBO 5.0 will be a major overhaul. That's a good time to go ahead and do a
complete unicode version as well as the other language improvements in
recent versions. I want to address the newer language features such as
interfaces, dynamic arrays and generics to reduce the size and complexity of
IBO's code base. I also want to address an architectural weakness where an
application may only have one client DLL loaded. I want to make it so that
you can have multiple sessions with varying clients. So far I've gotten away
with the ability the IB/FB client has had in working with other server
versions. I cannot expect this to continue.

IBO 5.x will only support Delphi 2009 and subsequent versions of Delphi.
IBO 4.9.x will continue to be maintained for all former versions of Delphi
and remain ANSI for Delphi 2009. This means bugs will be fixed when
reported. Otherwise, it will remain stable.

It remains to be seen if it will make sense to continue IBO 4.9.x for all
future versions of Delphi beyond D2009. There could be a strong case for
those who don't want to migrate to IBO 5.0 but they need to move to a new
Delphi version. If it is trivial to port it, as some versions have been,
then I will likely do so.

> IBO Admin works with IBO 4.8.7.
> And the tests (see test folder in sourceforge subversion repository) are
> written for FB 1.5 - 2.5 and D5,D7,D2005 and D2009.

Thank you for this. I will look into pulling the IBO Admin components into
the main IBO components and maintain them.

> I'm waiting for the first real D2009 alpha version.


> In the meantime I use my customized version, that is already unicode
> enabled (to 95%).

Yes, this is a very good start and I will be working in conjunction with you
as much as you like on the new IBO 5.0 code base. First I need to get IBO
4.9 released to meet the immediate demands of those needing to port.

> @Jason: any news about a new version?

I am still working on some bugs in some test applications. One of which is
my community web server. I port all of my applications to the new version
when possible and run them through the paces to see if problems arise.

Jason Wharton