Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBOAdmin components for Delphi 2009?
Author Andreas Hesse
Sean Palmer schrieb:
> Shouldn't the IBObjects and IBOAdmin components be kept in sync, so if Jason releases v4.9.x for D2009 then there should be a 4.9.x compatible version of IBOAdmin for D2009?
> Just my observation as an end user.
> Regards,
> Sean.

Verson 4.9.x is not a real D2009 version, only more or less an ansified
4.8.x version.

IBO Admin works with IBO 4.8.7.
And the tests (see test folder in sourceforge subversion repository) are
written for FB 1.5 - 2.5 and D5,D7,D2005 and D2009.

I'm waiting for the first real D2009 alpha version.
In the meantime I use my customized version, that is already unicode
enabled (to 95%).

@Jason: any news about a new version?