Subject Re: [IBO] Sweep
Author Andreas Hesse
Robert martin schrieb:
> Hi
> I am using D2007 and FB 2. I already have the IBOValidation service
> installed however. I installed the Admin suite some time ago. Do I
> need to update ? I looked in the IBOervices pas for a version # but
> dont see one. The last mod date note was
> // 2004/07/23 Mark Pickersgill - Provided Delphi 5 compatability
> But I see a note where I have made changes to get it to compile for
> D2007 on '12/04/2007'. Anyway I see the SweepDB option and I will look
> into testing it. I have other 'distractions' today :)

So it will be better to check out the version on sourcforge.

I'm in the process to change some things:
- remove memory leaks
- make it more stable
- make a Delphi 2009 version

The Delphi 2006/2007 package files will be:
- IboAdminD10 (Runtime)
- dclIboAdminD10 (Designtime)

I will check them in today, but I can not test them.
If you find errors, please send me the updated dpk-files.

One last question: which version of IBO are you using?