Subject Re: [IBO] IBO for Delphi 2009
Author Jason Wharton

> Yes, sure. I didn't think _at_all_ in other way. In fact, we're old
> trustware users and we try, by helping Jason now when he needs, to 'pay'
> him as much as we can.
> No .. don't make assumptions. Some of us have been PAYING for this over
> many years, in fact renewing our IBO subscriptions on a yearly basis, with
> no new releases and we are also waiting!

Thank you for being such a faithful customer! You have represented what
Trustware is designed to accomplish.

It is gestures such as yours that truly turns up the heat under my tail, but
more important than that, it gives me a well of energy to draw from because
it does take a lot out of a person to work until 3am and 4am most days out
of the week to try and stay on top of things.

It hurts when I hear people talking like I am doing nothing when in fact
they just don't understand the massive amount of work it takes to continue
supporting the massive amounts of complexity that exists between Delphi 3
through Delphi 2009 and the C++ Builder versions, etc.

Jason Wharton