Subject RE: [IBO] Unusable Alpha Version for Delphi 2009
Author Paul
I might be wrong (it wouldn't be the first time ;-) . . but

I don't believe you can run D6 and 2009 on the same machine and still be
able to recompile packages in D6. I couldn't anyway with D2007. I don't
think D6 understands LIBSUFFIX and it tries to compile in vcl100 instead of
vcl60. If that is correct there would be no need to have a single IBO
version that spanned both Delphi's.

So I suggest a legacy D6 or D7 version is retained. I hear the groans of
protest, but without being able to live with the two versions in parallel it
will take some of us a long time to migrate. Is it feasible to have 2
versions and still be able to move with the Firebird developments?

Also there's Geoffs Enhanced components - what are the plans for these?


> > Also, perhaps, D5/6 can be dropped. The polls indicate that after D2007
> > the vast majority of users are concentrated on D7/D2007. But if someone
> > is against please raise the hand.
> I'm enjoying D5 and see no reason to change and redevelop and retest all
> my
> code :)