Subject Unusable Alpha Version for Delphi 2009
Author Andreas Hesse
Hello Jason,

the last alpha version of IBO 4.9 is really unuseable with Delphi
2009. It doesn't really support unicode.

AsString must return a string, not an AnsiString.

I can send you my last version of IBO for D2009.
Not everything is working (TIBO...-Components have problems, automatic
Text-Blob-Conversion is not implemented for FB 2.1, and a few more)

My main design desicions:
- drop support for Delphi3/4
- all handling of string conversion will be done at connection level
called by the TIB_Column Set/Get-Methods
(real conversion between connection charset and system charset)
(prefered connection charset is now UTF8)

- all string handling will be done with unicode strings
(length, uppercase, lowercase, ...)

In the moment it is only a ansi-fied version of IBO without real
unicode support.