Subject Re: [IBO] Fb/2.1.2 & IBO (Unable to perform operation)
Author Aage Johansen
Andrew wrote:
> Aage Johansen wrote:
>> ...
>> ---------------
>> Unable to perform operation. You must be either SYSDBA or owner of
>> the database.
>> ---------------
> it's a change in FB 2.1.2's security.
> make sure the TIB_Connection's ForcedWrites and ReservePageSpace are set
> to dpbDefault.
> these settings are only allowed to be changed by SYSDBA or the database
> owner.

Thank you - exactly what I needed.

On my way through the 175 pages of the ReleaseNotes I would have
needed more than a list of isc_dpb_... parameters to alert me to
important things :-)
I realize now that the red area (Important Note ...) below the list
should be enough for most(!) people.
As I have your attention (maybe), I would like to express my
admiration for the amount and quality of the work that goes into the
documentation of the releases.

Aage J.