Subject Fb/2.1.2 & IBO (Unable to perform operation)
Author Aage Johansen
I've recently upgraded from Fb/1.5 to Fb/2.1.2. Applications seems
to work fine. Except one.

Delphi (BDS) 2006
IBO version is 4.8.7
Windows XP Pro SP2

The program excepts on connecting. The code goes like this:
Tracing the code, I get this far (it never reaches the next statement).
This is in the FormShow for the main form. Using SYSDBA works fine.

Now, the user (ABCDE) does not have any privileges to anything in the
database. I use this just to connect, read a couple of values from a
table (where PUBLIC has been granted all privileges), and then disconnect.
The error messages is:
Unable to perform operation. You must be either SYSDBA or owner of
the database.
I never get to the 'read a couple of values' bit since the connect fails.

Needless to say, this used to be working fine (under Fb/1.5). And I
can connect with IB_SQL using ABCDE/abcde. Of course trying to
browse tables gives an error about "no permission for read/select
access to TABLE XXXX". After that, I can view contents of the one
table that this user is interested in.
There is another app that works ok with a non-SYSDBA user.
I've converted the old security database to security2.fdb, but not
changed LegacyHash in the firebird.conf.

Aage J.