Subject Re: [IBO] IBO - IB_String vs AnsiString
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:36 PM 9/04/2009, you wrote:

>Do you mean that in D2007

D2007 I don't know either, sorry. The most recent Delphi I have is Delphi 7.

>we can issue and use queries like
>Select * from t1 where f1 = 'αᾶὰἀᾲᾄᾳᾆ'; /* Unicode characters. I hope
>that my newsreader will save them correctly */

It didn't; but I'm guessing they are Greek characters? And, yes, provided you would have set the character set of your controls (Font.Charset) correctly for the user input, I don't see why not.

>...and after this we can read the data from that field (which ISN'T a
>BLOB one) using the TField descendants, assuming that we use the TIBO layer?

By "read", do you refer to "what appears in the GUI" or to some massaging you might do at OnGetText/OnSetText for some purpose?

>...or we can use the myIBODataSet.Filter property

..resolves to a search clause, a parameter assignment, no?

>...or Set/GetSQLWhere?


>Can you expand a bit?

No: I don't know what "expansion" there might be. Above all, I'm not at all clear about *what* the problem is. I'm supposing (from your clues) that you have your XP or Vista client stations set up for Unicode. I'm supposing too (being unable to test it for myself) that you have your controls set up with Font.Charset = GREEK_CHARSET (or something more appropriate, if you have the relevant international module either as an "extra" or as part of your localised Delphi) and that the data coming from your char/varchar fields is well-formed and is passing across a connection with the right Charset property for those data.

Look, if these comments aren't relevant to what you are encountering with Delphi 2009 (or indeed, D2007), then please don't feel you have to get distracted by trying to answer these assumptions. Having nothing to test and nothing to test it on, my questions were mere curiosity, trying to grokk what the problem actually is. I should say that it is curiosity flavoured with some self-interest, as I'm working on the second edition of "The Book" and the whole INTL thing is in my "unclassified" basket right now. ;-)