Subject QuickReports & IBO 4.8.7
Author bwc3068

I thought I'd quickly ask before I start digging into my app too

I have a D6, FB2.1, IBO 4.8.7 application that is using Quickreports
3.6.2 (very old).

It usually hangs when generating the report in Preview. Sometimes I
get a report and sometimes, just "hang" and I have to restart. If I
get a report, usually it doesn't have all the data on it.

My app used to use IBO4.6A and FB1.5 and the same QR 3.6.2. I
believe that back then, the reports all worked fine.

Does anyone know of compatibility of IBO 4.8.7 and QR versus IBO 4.6A
and QR?