Subject Re: [IBO] Using a different port to 3050
Author tickerboo2002
> >Does IBO make use of the Firebird.conf settings
> Of course not. IBO is an interface for client applications. Client
apps can't read files on the server. If there's a non-default port
configured in firebird.conf, the server will listen that port and the
client will have to make sure it attaches through that port.

Who said anything about reading a file from the server? Chapter 9
talks about using a client side copy of Firebird.conf, which is what
I've been shipping with my client app. I thought by changing the
ports in that client-side copy of Firebird.conf, fbclient.dll would
use those ports, but alas not, IBO continued to use 3050 unless I
tweaked the connection string.

If I decided to use a different RemoteAuxPort, does fbclient.dll
obtain that setting from the server when connecting on the service
port, or does the client need to know beforehand. If so, do I use a
client-side copy of Firebird.conf, or do I have to instruct IBO on the
new RemoteAuxPort number?

I've always thought it possible to use a client-side copy of
Firebird.conf, I just want to get it straight in my head, whether it
has any effect, or it's all done by IBO.