Subject Using a different port to 3050
Author tickerboo2002
I'm having difficulty connecting my app to Firebird using a different
port than 3050.

I usually don't specify any port when using IBO to connect to a
Firebird 1.5x database, but a customer is having problems when using
the default ports. They (and I) have edited Firebird.conf on the
server to use 3085/3086 as the Service and Aux port respectively. I
can see firebird listening on 3085, fine so far.

For my client app, I again edit Firebird.conf which is located in the
same dir as my app and expect IBO to use those ports, but alas it
still tries to use 3050. Does IBO make use of the Firebird.conf
settings or do I have to specify it directly from within my client app?