Subject Re: IBO 4.9.6 and blob text fields?
Author crazymenconnected
I am also not being able to load binary blobs (png files to be exact) on my DevExpress grids.
Might it be the same bug?

But i think that this is not an issue with the devexpress grids because when i try to execute TIBOTABLE_BINBLOBFIELD.SaveToFile('thefile.png') the resulting file is always zero bytes!

Im testing 4.9.6!

Everything else is working like a charm! No access violations, no record not found exception! Beautiful.

Keep up the good work Jason...

--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> Sean,
> > Is there a still problem with the IBO 4.9.6 and blob text fields?
> Yes, there is still an issue.
> > I'm having problems dispalying the text in a TMemoField and TcxMemo
> > connected to it, although it does update the field in the database is I
> > enter some text.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> I broke it when I put in calculated blob field support.
> I am still working on this issue.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton