Subject Recommendations for using both embedded and client FB
Author martinsearancke
I'm hoping someone can recommend a way to achieve a hybrid of using both the embedded client and the traditional client.

In 99.9% of cases my application only needs the capabilities of FB embedded and this has been working very well for me for years. Its easy to install and has never failed me.
My application also allows the end user to open different databases at any time using a regular file->open menu procedure.

I am now in a situation whereby I want to provide multi user support to my application without complicating the software interface for the majority of my users. So here are a couple of questions...

1. Is there a way to determine if the gds32.dll is the embedded or the regular client dll?

2. Can anyone suggest an easy way to switch client dll at runtime? Best I can come up with is file re-naming. Will windows dll cache cause me grief under Vista/7?

My thinking is that if I can answer these questions I can add a new menu item to my application just under the "Open" menu item called "Open remote database". Then in code switch the client dll without the user knowing.

Thanks in advance,