Subject ANN: Added new Firebird 2.5 Services API features to IBOAdmin
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

I've added on a local copy of the IBOAdmin SVN repository content the
new Firebird 2.5 Services API features including:

* Support for specifying the security database for user management
* Support for the new Trace/Audit API
* Support for incremental backup/restore via NBackup
* Support for set/drop RDB$ADMIN auto mapping in security database
* Support for new shutdown/online modes

I won't commit these changes to the SVN repository yet, because other
commercial access components might include that stuff in their products
at a very low price, namely zero. ;-)

I will publish these changes once other commercial products do support
these features as well.

Just letting you know, that the work has been done and things are
working fine here.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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