Subject Re: [IBO] Bug IBO's version 4.5.Ai with BLOBs fields
Author cezinha_tj
Mr. Jason,

I'm really proud that you answered me. I know you are a very occuped person!

I use the IBO suite some years e now I'm felling prepared to pay for your work.

Unfortunately I can't in this momment update for a newer version of IBO, because it changes so much after version 4.7 (keylinks e keyrelations). In this momment my time is focused on other project. But I'll do it soon.

I want to propose a deal:

Now I can pay for you the price of a version full. You say to me where I need fix in the version 4.5.Ai this bug... and... when I will be prepared to migrate to the newer version... more or less... in a year... you send-me the current version of the epoch.

We have a deal?

I'm sending above a simple example about the bug:

In the zip file you will find the source, the .exe and the fdb. If you don't want wasting time to compile... you can just to unzip in the c:\jason_ibo folder and run the .exe file.

Best Regards!

Cesar Luiz dos Anjos JĂșnior

--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> For me to take action on this, because my time is very critical while I am
> trying to finish D2009 support, you would need to send me a simple sample
> app demonstration this problem.
> Would you be willing to upgrade to a later version of IBO if that fixes this
> problem?
> Jason
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> Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 7:23 AM
> Subject: [IBO] Bug IBO's version 4.5.Ai with BLOBs fields
> > Hey buddies! Apparently I found a bug in 4.5.Ai IBO version about use
> > of BLOBs fields. Consider the table bellow: CREATE TABLE
> > (
> > PXW_INTL850,
> > WIN1252 NOT NULL,
> > ); insert into observacoes (obs_codigo, obs_nome, obs_observacao)
> > values (1, 'observacao 1, 'observacao 1'); insert into observacoes
> > (obs_codigo, obs_nome, obs_observacao) values (2, 'observacao 2,
> > 'observacao 2'); insert into observacoes (obs_codigo, obs_nome,
> > obs_observacao) values (3, 'observacao 3, 'observacao 3'); Let's
> > suppose a form with: 1 TIB_Query called qry 1 Grid showing all qry
> > fields 1 Button with the source code bellow Now see the code bellow:
> > qry.Append;
> > qry.FieldByName('obs_codigo').AsInteger := 4;
> > qry.FieldByName('obs_nome').AsString := 'observacao 4';
> > qry.FieldByName('obs_observacao').AsString := 'observacao 4';
> > qry.Post;
> > qry.Append;
> > qry.FieldByName('obs_observacao').AsString := 'teste xxx';
> > qry.Cancel;
> > When I run the program above, it shows in the grid all content of
> > obs_observacao field, but, the SELECTED RECORD will show de content
> > 'teste xxx' instead of the original content. The information is
> > persisted correctly in the firebird. If you check the content of
> > qry.FieldByName('obs_observacao').AsString you will see 'teste xxx' I
> > downloaded the IBO version 4.7 eval and this problem doesn't happen.
> > My conclusion: There is a bug in the version 4.5.Ai where the internal
> > buffer of the IBO "loose it self" (I'm sorry... my English isn't good)
> > where receives an Apend, a change in the BLOB field and the process is
> > canceled. I think that IBO's buffer is with all BLOBs storeds correctly,
> > but, the cursor's buffers is keeping a garbage. Possibles solutions:
> > a. I'd like to buy the new IBO's version, but, I'm afraid because I
> > will have to change thinks so much in my ERP to became compatible with
> > 4.7 (keyrelations and keylinks for example). One day I will do this. But
> > in this momment it is impossible. Someone knows if is there a version
> > 100% compatible with 4.5.Ai that I can buy with this bug corrected?
> > b. I can try to correct the bug in the IBO sources. But, telling the
> > truth, I prefer don't do this. I had to read the source to find how to
> > reproduce the bug and this took a long time from me. If someone colud
> > send-me IB_Components.pas and IB_Controls.pas (version 4.7) maybe I
> > could compare the sources e try to find a solution. c. If someone
> > could show-me where I need to fix... It will be the best solution!
> > Someone can help me? Please, undertand that I don't want a IBO
> > pirated, ok?. I'm just not getting out! Thank's so much. Cezinhar
> >