Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin for D2009?
Author Andreas Hesse
Jason Wharton schrieb:
> Andreas,
>> Check out the subversion repository on sourceforge:
>> It contains the source for most delphi versions und is testet against
>> 4.8.7 and 4.9.3 of IBO.
> It would be nice if there were a single zip file to download.
> I'd like to get the latest version of this and include it with the standard
> IBO distribution.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton

The Repository dir /trunk/iboadmin can be downloaded from sourceforge:

The best solution is to check out the subversion repository.
So it is easy to stay on the actual sourcecode.

If someone has problems with iboadmin please give a bugreport here or
in sourceforge.

@Jason: please don't include local files in distribution
(like *.local; *.identcache; *.2007)