Subject IBO, Report Builder and IBOPipeline
Author russellbelding
For those of use using IBO, Report Builder and wanting to shift from
and older Report Builder to the newer RB 10.x there are two pipeline
solutions. In my case I'm shifting from (Delphi 6, IBO 4.3.Aa and RB
7.3) to (Rad Studio 2007, IBO 4.8.7 and RB 10.09) over time.

Markus has made available the following download for IBOPipeline. See
his later post here for instructions to get it working with later
versions of RB.
I'm using IBO with RB 10.06 in D2007.
The pipeline I'm using is a few years old but working well.
I've put it here for you (and others) to download:

Earlier Carlos had suggested using a TIBOQuery, TDataSource (Delphi)
and RB's DBPipeline. I guess this would serve where a project upgrade
was attempted where an older IBOPipeline was used. For each form in
an existing project using RBReport+IB_Query+IBOPipeline drop a new
IBQuery+DataSource+DBPipeline. When the old report is requested,
change RBReport.pipeline to DBPipeline, copy the IB_Query.SQL to
IBQuery.SQL, open the IBQuery and print the report. If the
IBOPipeline code ever became unusable this would salvage older
projects using it.