Subject TIBOQueryDataLink.CheckBrowseMode
Author kgdonn
This procedure is implemented:

procedure TIBOQueryDataLink.CheckBrowseMode;
if Dataset.State <> dsInsert then
if FIBDataset.Active then

I'm trying to understand the reason for not propagating on dsInsert.
This is not in line with TTable and breaks some of my code. You can
do a simple test project by doing the following:

Put two TTables on a form with two TDataSources, two TDBNavigators,
and two TDBGrids. Set up Table2 to have Datasource1 as a master.
Run. Scroll DBNavigator1 to be off the first or last record. Click
DBNavigator1's insert and fill in some data. Click DBNavigator2's
insert and fill in some data. Now without posting either of them,
scroll DBNavigator1. The records in both Table1 and Table2 will get

Now if you set up this same scenario using TIBOTables instead,
Table1's record will get posted but Table2's won't due to the
implementation of TIBOQueryDataLink.CheckBrowseMode.

Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Would you like to provide a
patch or should I just work around?

Kevin Donn