Subject Master/detail don't work after set param manually
Author Delmar Wichnieski (Delta Corporation)
Hi friends

In one form X I have this mater/detail and work well

dmComum.QdblookAluno.ParamByName('COD_ALUNO').Clear; //clear the param COD_ALUNO
dmComum.QdblookAluno.DataSource:=dmsem.dsQmatriculaSem; //set the master datasource

In other form Y I have and also work well

dmComum.QdblookAluno.DataSource:=nil; //clear the master datasource
dmComum.QdblookAluno.ParamByName('COD_ALUNO').AsString:=dmq.Qbusca.FieldByName('CODIGO').AsString; // set the same parameter manually

but after to use the form Y e come back to for X, the mater/detail of form X don't work, it seem do not actualize the param COD_ALUNO

What could I do to solve the problem or this is a bug of IBO4.7.16?


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