Subject Re: [IBO] Files "Blobed" or "Linked"?
Author skander_sp
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> At Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 2:53 PM, skander_sp wrote:
> > I need to store some documentation in a FB database...
> > I'm thinking use BLOB row to do.... but I read in diferents post abot
> > "DO NOT BLOB, use links"
> > But REALLY is so dangerous to do? slow REALLY down the database
> > I read about it, and supossed the blob fields are stored in separated
> > pages, and only read under request... that is not slow down the work,
> > index and other works... only grow up the size (of course).
> > I think store inside is better because I can take more control about
> > the use, and no one can "rename, modify or delete" from the directori
> > where I can store it I link. And if the backup is full -not
> > incremental- I think even better because Im sure the backup is do,
> > even if someone is reading a field at the moment.
> > Any REAL pros or contras?
> > Anyone is using the blob fields for store a big ammount of files?
> We store the files in blobs and we don't have any issues. When it's
> in the blob, the user doesn't have to have another link to the server
> where the files would be. And, as you said, what happens if someone
> changes the filename directly in the folder?
> The systems that we developed that stores the files into blobs are
> currently handling several thousand files and those files can range
> from a few kilobytes to a few megabytes, with the biggest database
> that we know of is currently managing over 10GB worth of files inside
> the database. And, there's no slowdown in retrieval from the database.
> That being said, there is a difference in the performance compared to
> retrieving a blob compared to retrieving a file from a file server.
> But, if the fastest performance is not that important, save the files
> inside blobs for more convenience. And, we are always trying to save
> the file zipped within a blob, so that it doesn't take too much space
> in the database and is smaller when transferring from the database.
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Tks Daniel for your experience and opinion.
One question more.. I-m tinking too on compress file.
What is your choice for this work? what component or dll? or simply
your zip the file in disk before "blob" them?

tks very much

Alejandro A.