Subject Files "Blobed" or "Linked"?
Author skander_sp
I need to store some documentation in a FB database...
I'm thinking use BLOB row to do.... but I read in diferents post abot
"DO NOT BLOB, use links"
But REALLY is so dangerous to do? slow REALLY down the database working?

I read about it, and supossed the blob fields are stored in separated
pages, and only read under request... that is not slow down the work,
index and other works... only grow up the size (of course).

I think store inside is better because I can take more control about
the use, and no one can "rename, modify or delete" from the directori
where I can store it I link. And if the backup is full -not
incremental- I think even better because Im sure the backup is do,
even if someone is reading a field at the moment.

Any REAL pros or contras?

Anyone is using the blob fields for store a big ammount of files?

all comment about "experiences" on this way will be apreciated.